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The EZ Tie™ Story

The Problem: Sore Fingers

It’s party time! Everything is being prepared, and the guests will arrive soon. Wait, there are still all these balloons to be blown up and tied! Volunteers gather and start working on the balloons. After the balloons are finally done, the volunteers’ fingers are now red and sore from tying so many balloons and ribbons. Your volunteers do NOT look happy, and refuse to tie balloons for your next party.

Sound familiar? Like most families, party store owners, party planners or simply balloon lovers, we ran into that same situation many times also. Balloons are awesome, but tying them up can be very uncomfortable and time consuming, if working with very many of them.

The Solution: EZ Tie™

So, what could be done to preserve our hands, ease our sore fingers, and make party decorating faster? We could just not use balloons, right? WRONG. Balloons are awesome!

To solve the problem of sore fingers, we got to work and invented EZ Tie™! Ez Tie™ is a balloon tying tool designed to improve your party decorating experience! No more sore fingers. No more hassle. With its ergonomic design, you can easily use it to tie as many balloons as you want, much faster and much more comfortably.

The Invention: Our Story

EZ Tie™ was designed by Gerald Herren, a hard-working inventor in Cookeville, TN. Originally known by the name “Tie-a-Balloon,” the first version of the balloon tying product came out in 2009, and since then we continued to improve it.

After we perfected the design and packed it full of cool features, the improved balloon tying tool was reborn under the name of “EZ Tie™.” And, we didn’t stop there – we have since expanded our product line to include other helpful and easy-to-use accessories to make your balloon tying experience the best it can be!