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Tutorial: EZ Tie™ Balloon Tying Tool

Tutorial: EZ Tie™ Balloon Tying Tool using Ribbon

Tutorial: EZ Tie™ Clip-On Bouquet Holder

Tutorial: EZ Tie™ Multiple Bouquet Holder

Tutorial: EZ Tie™ Balloon Tying Station

Our customers love the EZ Tie™ Balloon Tying Tool!

I had no idea this item even existed. After doing hundreds of balloons for an art piece for a party, a friend on Facebook told me about this. I went to the party stores, and they did not even know what I was talking about. If you plan to blow up even 20 balloons, it is such a wonderful tool.
~ Conner's Mom
This product is amazing – it makes it so easy to tie balloons! It’s great for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, any party you can imagine. I have a lot of parties, and this tool makes it faster and saves me wasting time tying the balloons myself. EZ Tie™ makes it easy to tie ribbons on helium balloons as well. I highly recommend this product – my husband loves it too!
~ Kathy
Holy cow this thing is amazing!!! I do 100 Balloons every year for my son’s birthday to put in his bedroom so he has them when he wakes up to celebrate. This made it so much easier to tie and I didn’t get a sore on my fingers like I did the previous year!! Will be recommending to everyone I know.
~ Tammy