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Balloon Tying Station


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NOW you are ready to party!

With the EZ Tie Balloon Tying Station, everything you need is conveniently designed for you to be able to make stunning creations quickly and still without cramping hands and sore fingers.  The EZ Tie Balloon Tying Station includes a strong and sturdy base and professional clamps for stability. Built into this base is the heart of the operation, the Balloon Tying Tool, as well as a single bouquet holder so you have a place to put your creations as you go.  In addition, three custom designed ribbon cradles are built right into the station for extra ease to make prettier balloon creations. The extremely simple-to-use design of the tying station allows for an unlimited number of color combinations and will be sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.  Exchange the ribbon on the cradles for up to nine different colors on each balloon! These WOW balloons will make you the hit of the party! You don’t ever need to tell them how easily the beautiful balloons with the explosion of colored ribbons were made.

This is an excellent and inexpensive investment for a family to make and will cover years and years of birthday parties, anniversaries, holidays, and any other celebratory times.

This is a MUST HAVE for planners, designers, decorators, and florists!  Be the talk of the event with the stunning, multi-colored ribbon balloon designs.  Who will ever want a balloon with a single ribbon again? If your competitors are selling those, they won’t be competitors for very long.  And remember, even with multiple colors of cascading, swirling ribbons, you will still be able to fly through the creation of these beautiful balloons with ease.  Your hands will thank you.

Watch the step-by-step tutorial or the video on our website for more information.